The Written Word is the creative writing outlet of Author S. Brown; it includes selections from her stories and poetry.

This website is a compilation of things I have written,  things I am writing and things I have yet to write.  The events of my life and the reflections I have on them are almost always my inspiration, so I caution you: by reading the words on this site you take a glimpse both into my head and my heart as I meander through the world.

Behind the Name

The significance of the name The Written Word is twofold.  An immense part of who I am resides in my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore,  TWW first and foremost refers to God’s Written Word and how it has shaped and transformed my life.

Second to this,  TWW represents the Written Words of my own life.   This in and of itself has two perspectives. The words of my life refer both to the words I have written in an attempt to make sense of the world and it’s many layers,  as well as the story God is continuously writing that makes up the book of my life.

The Philosophy Behind TWW

I have come to realize over the years that everyone is creative in some way,  and that everyone struggles to release their creativity due to a fear of failure.   I think most of us have this annoying voice in our heads that says,  “Don’t let them see,  they may not like it!”  After years of fighting against my own annoying voice, by God’s grace the creative voice that for decades allowed itself to exist only on scrap sheets of paper,  in journals, old computer disks and quiet corners of my mind, has finally been able to tell the other voice to shut up.

Through that battle, I became determined to write with intention.   I have one specific rule: God created the imagination as a vessel for truth.  It is my desire that everything I write centers on this philosophy.  It seems a shame to let something as beautiful and intricate as the imagination go to waste on anything less than truth