Christina Brown among many things is a devout Christian,  a wandering Texan and a lover of the written word. Christina and her family have been moving and active since she was born.   From family band tours,  to opening their own coffee shop theatre business, to later traveling the world on her own, it is safe to say there are two words not in her vocabulary: quit and complacency. She grew up in Texas, Louisiana,  and North Carolina; went to school in Texas and Minnesota,  did an internship in Germany, and has worked as a Language Arts teacher for the past five years in Indonesia.  Throughout her life she has remained passionate about her relationship with the Lord and the creative arts.  Her parents are Kenneth and Pamela Brown, and she is the youngest of two kids.   Her older brother Joshua currently lives in Cardiff,  Wales with his wife and five kids (click the following to see his writing endeavors: Truth Is A Man)

Christina’s hobbies include singing, playing the drums,  drinking coffee, laughing loudly, hanging out with diverse groups of people, drawing with pastels and of course, writing.   In line with her love of the written word,  she also adores reading.   Three of her all time favorite authors,  in no particular order,  are Sir Walter Scott,  C. S. Lewis and her father Kenneth Brown (click here to see his publishing site: Shadowfire Books). This is Christina’s first time to self-publish her work; she looks forward to all the blessings and challenges it will bring.