She is more precious than jewels but we think jewels make us beautiful.
She is trusted by one man but we think men should serve us.
She wishes no harm to come to her husband; we just wanna have fun outside of marriage.
She works with willing hands to provide for her household;  we aren’t satisfied with less but complain when there’s more.
She plants a vineyard;  we get drunk and party at the bars to celebrate our freedom.
She dresses herself with strength;  we barely dress at all.
She makes her arms strong with heavy labor,  we obsess over our bodies to be sexually attractive. 
She sacrifices sleep to make a profit,  we sacrifice our self respect to make one of our own.
She reaches her hands to the poor and helps the needy;  we’ve become needy lovers and poor,  back stabbing friends.
She’s not afraid of the cold;  were so busy playing it cool we forgot who we really were.
She is blessed with fine clothing and proper dress; we covet the ways of Hollywood and movie stars.
Her husband is know amongst those with position; we’ve emasculated our men to show them who’s boss.
She makes and sells clothes; we make like we have rights and sell away our souls.
Strength and dignity are her clothing; we changed our outfit to aggression and pride.
She laughs at the times to come; we laugh when he’s crude and talks a bit dirty.
She looks well in the eyes of her household;  we left the household to the babysitter and said we’d take a “real”  job.
Her children rise and call her blessed;  we killed ours before they were born.
Her husband praises her;  we divorced him because we didn’t feel in love anymore.
The modern woman has come so far from where womanhood began.  
She surpassed herself in her humanity.  Charm is her weapon and vanity her friend.
But the woman who fears the Lord understands….
“Give them the fruit of their labor”,  He says with tears in His eyes.  “Her works condemned her and led her to the gates of hell.”