If I sold a book, would you read it?
If I made you a poem, would you care?
If I wept as I sang
For all that you meant
Would it settle on your ears
or on deaf ones?
If I traveled the oceans,  would you be there?
If I traversed o’er mountains,  would you care?
If my feet bled from walking
Just to tell you I love you
Would it touch your heart,
Or don’t you have one?
If I spoke all my secrets,  would you listen?
If I told you all answers,  would you care?
If my throat closed from speaking
All the blessings of heaven
Would it lead you to peace,
Or would you hate me?
If I wept for your soul,  would it matter?
If I prayed for salvation,  would you care?
If I bled and I died,
Just to keep you from hell,
Would you take what I offered,
Or reject me?

Would You?