The bitter sweet of me
Often leaves a painful aftertaste
I spit the dregs of the moment out
and wonder what it gave me.
The honey of truth still lingers on my tongue,
But not everyone appreciates it’s taste
And those who can’t stomach it
Stand back and Spit their bile in my face
Like backwash in a bottle of water,
I fight hard to drink life down
Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut?
But perhaps it’s the cup I’m not supposed to pass up
It’s the one I’m meant to drink,
But it’s bitter sweet,
Oh so bitter sweet
So bitter when tasteless becomes most loved
So sweet when true Love says well done
So bitter when you begin to understand
The world will blame you for their mistakes
For I have come to learn
You can offer to others the sweetest of drinks
But those who wait til it’s too late
Gulp down a sour reality.
But for those who taste and see….
The best sweetness is yet to come.