Where the light meets the dark

Is a land of no contrast

What once had been stark

Gets blended to grey

But when Day comes we’ll know

What the night truly was

In the sunlight well see all the damage was done,

In the shades of no color where no man is wrong

In the portrait of time

Our discernment gets faded

Where the brightness is dimness

And the shadows the in between

The flaws and mistakes in comparison  then,

Look a masterpiece of all humanity

But when  the Day comes we’ll see the picture remaining

All our shadows and half-light

Can’t save us from obscurity

Our colorless strokes and subjective “creativity”

Turn rights into wrongs

And nothing is as it seems

But when the Day comes we’ll see the image remaining

Mistakes we thought hidden in the faded in between

Become the lifeless image of a soul that needs redeemed

Where the light meets the dark is the hope of the dying

But the hope of the living is the Daylight that’s breaking

In its rays nothing hidden

In its rays all revealed

And the land of no contrast is silenced and stilled

The half lights the shadows the night and the grey

Relinquish their title of colorless obscurity

To the color and brilliance of victorious Day!